Shape the future of digital Health in sports

Design a new digital health experience

Crossing medical sciences, predictive analysis and IA technics, PremedIT harnesses sport medicine and data to develop e-health solutions for sports and physical activities.  


It aims to provide better access to this knowledge for healthy practice: health advice, personalized programs for injury prevention and self-rehabilitation but also research services and analysis of sports medicine data.


Get access to leading knowledge in sports medicine science.


Harness the power of data and AI for a personalized experience.


Create a positive impact on sports and physical activities to enhance wellness.



Registrated and enriched through our system.



Treated by dedicated programs. 100% created by sports medical doctors.



Avoided by simple preventive work and better access to the latest knowledge in sports medicine.

Our first product

digital health solution for runners


Connected to existing running apps, Running Care enriches the user experience from a medical perspective thanks to the delivery of personalized health advice and programs helping runners to prevent and manage their pain and injuries.

Medical check-up

Realized in minutes, it takes into account the general state of health but also the medical history.

Symptom checker

Benefit from a personalized diagnosis after clicking on the painful area and answering a few questions.

Cure programs

Adapted care program including physiotherapy, self-rehabilitation and video re-training exercises.

Injury history

A real heath book including injury history to understand where they come from.

Health & running tips

From scientific literature and written by health professionals.

Activity monitoring

A tool to help find a correlation between recent runs and injuries.

Running Care is a class 1 medical device (93/42/EEC), providing diagnosis and self-rehabilitation protocols to its users with running related injuries. This medical device is a regulated health product which, under this regulation, bears the CE marking. Consult a health professional in case of any doubt. PremedIT. 05/2020

Our ambition

At the crossroad of Digital Health and Sports Tech, our objective is to ensure that sports & physical activities always remain a source of wellness and pleasure.
- by Geoffrey Wandji,
Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer